Tis i the frenchiest fry

twiggy (a.k.a. twiffily, and preferably always with a lowercase T) is a member of Route 50 from the EHQ v3 era. She is an avid writer and roleplayer who loves a wide variety of animals and has an affinity for nature.


twiggy is known to love nature, music, ghibli movies, and zelda, and friends will often direct this type of content to her base or twitter. She likes to think she's pretty easy to talk to, so don't feel shy. :^D

twiggy expresses herself through her poetry, which acts as an outlet for emotional buildup in her life. and typically posts it to the galleries or through her Secret Series. She also enjoys other forms of writing, including prose, roleplaying, or branching stories.

She is good friends with SkyGummi, Sparkleaf, and Nepeta, among many others.


twiggy loves The Legend of Zelda, Hyper Light Drifter, Pokemon, Starbound + Terraria, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Cave Story, and many, many more video games. She enjoys reading novels and manga, including the works of Jeff VanderMeer, Shirley Jackson, Yamamori Mika, and Haruko Ichikawa. twiggy also loves stationery, fountain pens, and pins + keychains. 


Persona: As pictured above, or else in battle-ready attire of laced boots, a long sleeved light green shirt of some kind, and tied up hair. Probably grinning.

Pokesona: Luxray with green eyes and light green streaks in fur. Wears a bracelet of forget-me-nots, same necklace as persona.


In real life, twiggy is very, very short, and has a cat and a dog. they are amazing.

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