Virizion is a new member of Route 50, joining soon after the update was released. She is 16 years old and she's from Chicago. Her birthday is June 3rd.

She is a relatively calm member who loves to write poetry and fanfiction. She also is characterized by her love (rather, obsession) of gameshows. She hopes to be on a gameshow, but we all know that'll never happen. She also loves nature and the outdoors, and frequently goes camping. She has a strange habit of naming her journal entries after various forms of plant life. She is also a pegasister, and even a part of the herd. She considers herself a 'true pegasister' in the sense that she's one of the very few bronies/pegasisters that actually loves and tolerates. Viri lives off of Starbucks and considers herself a hipster. She also tends to overuse italics and tildees~~

She loves to bake, anything from cookies to cakes to pies. Her specialty is cookies, however, which she gives to people who are sad. :|

She loves anime as well, but the only thing she hates are weeaboos. She owns a weeaboo beating stick and a pocket blowtorch to fend off any wild weeaboos.



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