"Salutations to one and all."
Xetaja (a.k.a. Tea Jax, proofofprocrastination) is an administrator at Route 50 and an artist. As a close friend of Kat, she has been a part of the community since the EHQ v1 era, which predates the current member database.


Xetaja is known for excellent, detailed art, but is always fairly modest about herself, to the point that she did not want a wiki page (but it's a bit inconvenient that someone who is mentioned frequently in other pages has no wiki page herself). She tends to lurk in the chat lobby, invisible.

There has been some debate in the past over how to pronounce her username, as Xetaja herself just spells out the name.

When presenting her take on Route 50, Xeta believes that each member should have their own interpretation of the Route 50 mythos. For this reason, she does not worry about minor inconsistencies between different portrayals of Route lore.

Xeta is direct and to the point, but also has a distinct sense of humor. But ultimately, one can't really gain a sense for what sort of person that Xetaja is without interacting with her directly. After all, the Executioner is not a robot, a saint, or anything of the sort.


Xetaja is one of the earliest members of the Route. Having previously met Kat at summer camp, she joined Eevee's HQ at the very beginning, serving as one of the first moderators.

By EHQ v3, she held the staff rank of Executive. Because of the staff tag for Executives, Xeta was also sometimes referred to as the "executioner" of Route 50.

In 2012, Xetaja was promoted to Administrator. She is still close friends with Kat, and maintains good friendships with felllow staffers and other active members.


In Route 50 art, Xetaja wears a distinct black and white dress with a waistcape and blindfold, with long blue hair tied into a ponytail.

She has two weapons, Correction and Retribution, which are usually portrayed as swords, but can take the form of any weapon with a handle. As such, even as swords, they do not have a set design.

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